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Written by: Akhilesh Dev | Posted: October 4, 2019 at 5:33 am | Total Comments: 1

Who said massage is just a privilege for people?

As with many alternative treatments, animal massage has its roots in ancient practice. Early Egyptian hieroglyphics depict animal healers using massage for treatment. A full-body massage was recommended for dogs and horses by Flavius Arrianus, a philosopher and administrator under the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian. He stated it would “knit and strengthen the limbs … make the hair soft and its hue glossy, and …cleanse the impurities of the skin.” A Practical Guide, notes that horse massage was practiced in ancient China and Rome and more recently by the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest.

The world’s happiest beef, the wagyu

The meat of the happiest beef in the world is the most expensive meat in the world. These cattle lives in Japan and is treated in a way that only a few have. It is only one side of the coin that the wagyu is massaged regularly. Part of their “treatment” is to moisturize their skin with rice wine before the massage and drink several litres of beer each day.


Dogs in the spa

There is a growing demand for spa services that not only the owner but also the pet can enjoy. For dogs under heavy physical pressure, wealthy, or dogs with locomotor problems physical therapy and massage are available in more and more places around the world.

Bird massage

I don’t know about the existence of a bird massage salon yet, but the many videos on the internet that have been made on this subject prove that good owners do not shy away from massaging their little ones at home. Creativity is the key!

Horse massage

Not only do athletes need a therapist after a race or match – some wealthy racing horses also have their own massage therapist. They often receive horse massage to loosen their muscles and prevent possible injuries.

Do you want a boa or a python?

Nobody first thinks about serpents for calm and relaxation. In spite of that, more and more people are trying out snake massage, in which giant snakes are placed on the patient’s body and left to move as they please. According to the founder of this method, this massage is special because stimulates the longest nerve in our body, the vagus nerve. It’s enough to travel to Israel for treatment ☺.

Cat massage

Do they even need someone? Even if the owner is not at home, the tabby cats will still find a solution.

Goat massage

Some people do not like to spend much money on a body treatment. This is when everything comes into play, what is in the “hands” within reach, such as goats…