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Written by: Akhilesh Dev | Posted: September 22, 2019 at 4:47 am | Total Comments: 186

๐Ÿ˜Š I have a not-so-good news: there may be about a thousand reasons for this. However, the good news is that in some cases the pain can be completely eliminated by massage, while in other cases the pain can be alleviated. Let’s see what makes your head hurt!

The headache and the skeletal system failures

It is easy for your head to hurt if there is some physical change in the natural position of your joints and bones. Let’s say your neck muscles or your cervical vertebrae are not in the right position or are under pressure because of something (for example, due to poor posture or flat feet!). There is an invisible chain between your body parts; therefore, a flat feet can also transform the relationship of your distal joints. Your muscles, without your knowledge, are trying to compensate the imbalance, so they make tension where it is not needed. The result that the neck muscles and the nape muscles tightens up, which is a straight way to headaches. Perhaps surprising, but precisely because of the above, headaches can be relieved either by using an arch supporter, or by exercising or massaging the feet (foot reflexology).

Tension headache

Are you experiencing too much stress? Do you feel like your head is about to explode? Then you probably have a tension headache. In such a situation, you become tense for a longer period of time – not only mentally but also physically. After all, anxiety leads to physical symptoms after a short time. Some people tighten their jaws; others tighten their shoulders and tighten their neck muscles. If this happens, it is 100 percent that you will have a headache.

Are you tense and even drinking coffee?

Drinking caffeine-containing beverages can have a good effect on you, if usually your blood pressure is 90, you feel like you’re in a zen state and you never get upset.

This is not the case if you are late for work anyway, but the kid still tying his shoelace, you know there is a terrible traffic jam and you forgot to ring for someone to open the door for your client. If you regularly find yourself in a similar situation and have a coffee or a coke, not only it does harm your heart and cardiovascular system, it also increases the tension of your muscles. In addition, caffeine causes dehydration and the water in your brain decreases.

Do you watch the screen a lot?

If you look in the same direction all the time, you have a high chance of getting your eyes dry and tired or hurting your head. Yes, tensioning of small muscles can cause headaches just as much as larger ones.

Do you sleep badly?

Unfortunately, for some people, the night is not a great night`s sleep, but neither a party time. Some people suffer from sleep disorder, others suffer from sleep apnoea (a condition where the pharynx muscles become too relaxed and obstruct breathing during sleep). This is not good for the brain because it cannot properly switch off and its oxygen supply is reduced.

Let’s move on from the obvious reasons and let’s see what more reasons might be.

There are cases when the problem is not found in the daily activities, or the condition/position of the muscles or joints.

The migraine:

Migraine is a hard nut because it is a condition which cause is not completely known and varies from person to person. There is no prescription for why it comes up, just assumptions. Once it has begun, often a strong painkiller will not help it. It is probably hereditary because there are families where it does not occur at all, but elsewhere it accompanies the lives of several generations. It is believed that the depression, a disturbance of the serotonin balance in the brain, contributes to its development, and the tendency of certain nerve fibre to become inflamed.

These are factors that are difficult for the individual to control, but believe me, the likelihood of migraine attacks can be reduced by following some general rules. These will be discussed now.


What can you do about headaches?

Most headaches do not happen by accident, it is possible to do something to prevent it, or if you often have it, to reduce its chance of returning.


Relax more often!

If you allow yourself a few minutes a day to do nothing at all, you’ll just be in a comfortable pose with no load on your back or neck (such as cross-legged sitting, lying down), you focus on your breathing, you’re already making life easier for your aching head. A good massage can help you achieve a relaxed state: you will be calmer and your muscles will relax more easily if they are massaged through.

Try to reduce your consumption of sweets and caffeine!

As the burden increases on you, do you crave more and more sweets? Don’t you want to get up from the bed in the morning without coffee? I have to crush your daydream, neither sweet treats nor coffee will help your problem. Dehydration with coffee has already been mentioned, and after the insulin shock following the sweet treats, your blood sugar falls, which can lead to narrowing of the cerebral arteries, leading to headaches.

Do you only see ants on the screen?

Forget to work for that day. If the problem is recurring, consult an ophthalmologist and make good glasses if necessary. Believe me, you will feel better if you do not have to constantly nictate and the pain will not cut through your head anymore.

However, if your ophthalmologist thinks your eyesight is okay, then simple eye fatigue is your problem.

As with any other part of the head, massage is especially recommended to improve the condition of the muscles around the eyes. In such cases, small circular movements can be used to massage the area around the eyes. This not only benefits your blood supply and well-being, it also makes your skin more elastic. When massaging, it is advisable not only to massage the problem area, it is worth extending to the whole body. You know, the tiredness or pain of the face, head, neck is not necessarily of local origin!

How does massage help in relieving headaches?

Under the back of the skull must be the single most pleasing and popular target for massage in the human body. It has everything: deeply relaxing and satisfying sensations, and a dramatic therapeutic relevance to one of the most common of all human pains, the common tension headache. And no wonder: without these muscles, your head would fall off. They feel just as important as they are. Along with lots of other neck muscles, the sub occipital group โ€” usually just called โ€œthe sub occipitalsโ€ โ€” work overtime to keep your head balanced on top of your spine.

A thorough massage helps to relax the muscles, relieve nervous tension, which is good for the whole body. If your muscles are massaged, they will be in a relaxed state, so the blood can travel more easily, supplying your body with fresh oxygen. Oxygenated blood will find its way more easily into the head and towards the neck muscles that support the head. The jaw, neck and shoulders loosens up.

When the neck muscles are no longer stiff, it is moved and heated by the massage; the next step is to widen the narrowed range of motion by passive movement. By moving your trunk, neck, head, with gentle pressing or pulling movements everything can take its right place, which was not at the right place before. And sorting your cervical, dorsal vertebrae helps even with long-standing headaches, for example, conditions associated with nerve pathways should be eliminated. Many times this type of treatment leads to get rid of your headache which you were suffering from for months.

The long-term positive effect of massage will be that you will sleep better due to a calmer state of mind, you can relax yourself, and you do not have to worry about the headaches at morning because of sleeplessness at night.

Bonus: regularly massaging your head is not only good for your muscles. The growing hair on the scalp with better blood supply will be brighter and healthier.