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Written by: Akhilesh Dev | Posted: July 30, 2019 at 11:54 am | Total Comments: 186


The most important systems inside our body needs water, so the hydration really important:
• The water moisturizes the body and because the main component of the muscles is water itself, it is important to have proper muscle building. The water helps the protein synthesis by this because it helps to the amino acids to build into the muscles.
• It plays an important role in metabolism. Helps to detoxify, because poisons and roughages comes out from our body as urine.
• Although it is a logical but less known fact, water helps to optimize energy level. When your body is hydrated, the feeling of tiredness slows down.
• Although the metabolism of our joints really slowly, but if you drink enough water every day consistently, the water will build into our cartilage and connective tissue. During exercise your joints are subject to increased damage.

Without food we can live even 50 days, but without water only 6-7 days. First the body taking out the necessary water from the muscles with 40-45% water contain, that will cause increased muscle irritability and painful muscle spasms. These symptoms will show up if you have lost 10% water from the necessary basic level.

How much water should you consume?
• Today`s accepted healthy minimum water consumption in women, 1.5-2 litres per day, and 2 to 2.5 in men.
• According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation recommended to consume half a litre of water before training, then two decilitre every 15 minutes, and half a litre after training. This means that those who exercise regularly it should consume at least 4-4.5 litres of water per day. • According to their research, there is already 2% loss of body weight due to water scarcity can cause muscle loss, so, without doubt, it is worth taking the advice, if you are serious about muscle building.

Water consumption practices!
According to some ancient healing methods a large amount of water consumed on an empty stomach and before bedtime has a beneficial effect on your health. In Japan it is still common practice today that doctors write down a morning watercourse which requires drinking 6.5 dl water on an empty stomach. With surprisingly good results, this type of water therapy is increasingly recognized worldwide.

Although not in such quantities, but it is recommended, to start and finish your day with a good glass (at least 2 dl) of water, because it will contribute to your overall health. Also drink 1 dl of water before each meal (and during your meal until feels good) because it helps digestion and prepares your stomach.

Always raise the amount in warm weather never wait with drinking until your body sends a signal of thirst, because this will only happen if dehydration has begun. It may also can happen that you don`t do workout, but you use a lot of energy (e.g., full-day rush, active rest, work). In this case, do not save the water!

It is worth to put the amount of water, what you should drink, in a bottle (keep this close to you) and even if you are in your workplace keep the bottle front of you and you won`t forget.

If you feel that cannot drink that much water, then you have to change more often what you drink:
• You can make your own soft drink, tea, smoothie, soup.
• Can be almond milk, coconut milk, fresh fruit juice or vegetable juice.
• It is also a great solution if you soak various fruits/citruses in water for a half day and drink that water, because you will also get the flavour and nutrients of the fruits.
• Be careful with the alcohols because they can cause dehydration. If you celebrate sometimes, better if you choose dry vines or champagne, their sugar contain less and if you drink just a few glasses is not too harmful.

There are some things to watch out for:

• One of them is that most of the shop’s “mineral water” is not better than tap water. The mineral water bottles are made from PET bottles and in principle there are very few or there is no BPA at all, but in exchange there is a substance called antimony that is toxic and carcinogenic. This is not so reassuring.
• The rate of release of chemicals from plastic materials can be increased, if you put a hot or acidic substance into the bottle, such as fruit juice, but if the bottle gets a lot of dent or if you have the liquid inside for a long time, even then.
• The advantage of mineral water in principle, higher mineral content than tap water, but in practice they are not live, organic materials, which the body cannot use well.
– First, get big bottles and jugs, as much as you can store a daily amount of water!
– Fill them full every night and put in a little pinch of vitamin C. Because of the chlorine (in this case, you do not need much because very little is enough)!
– Let stand for one night and the next day only drink this water!
– Use glass, metal or ceramics.