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Written by: Akhilesh Dev | Posted: June 30, 2019 at 4:57 am | Total Comments: 186

When you feel the pain around your scapulas, you feel a little vulnerable, insecure, things work around you, but there is a little pain in everything and the movements are not “as should be” either. In this fast-paced world, we have forgotten to live without a little pain. We want to live without pain, we deserve it.

What causes most of the pain in the upper back?

If it hurts around the scapula, it’s most likely the tightness of 3 muscles (trapezius, rhomboid, and levator scapulae). If the problem is originated from muscle, then stretching, light stimulation and self-massage can treat this problem. Most mistakes start with just relaxing the superficial muscles, in contrast, in many cases we should eliminate the problem from its root thereby preventing the more serious ones.

Fast and effective: The therapist will always be there to help.

With the advice from the therapist, you can feel the freedom of movements again, you can become again the controller of your body, and most importantly: you can live a better quality of life without pain around the scapula.

What to do if you are feeling pain around your scapula?

  1. The first step is to make sure you move when it hurts, a gentle run or elliptical trainer exercise will be of great help.
  2. You should physically stimulate, this will require a tennis ball, or a stile which you slowly lean into with your back, with small circular motions, from bottom to top, daily at least 5 times. Be careful not to accidentally get on your spine.
  3. Do exercises that brings your shoulders closer together – so the trapezius and the rhomboid extend, just like a sail on a mast. Hold for at least 30 seconds and repeat 5 times daily.
  4. In case of sitting work take a break, walk, and move around a lot. Or try these



  1. Consume plenty of water, and make sure to take in enough magnesium. If you are 3% dehydrated, your muscles will be able to perform 10% less. Also, in some American research, we can read about that muscle tension and lower back pain can also be effectively treated just by consuming enough water.


You can do it smarter

This method will make you feel better and eliminate the causes of upper back Pain. The basis of our body is our spine, Western and Chinese medicine justifies this. For this reason, it is very important that you work on your posture first.

98% of people don’t pay attention to their posture, You who have read this article have already taken a real step to get better.

The right posture is extremely important to Massage for upper back Pain. The smartest solution is the right posture.

If the solution is so simple, why don’t others do it?

Ready to make yourself feel better? If so, pay attention to the correct posture and you will not be disappointed. Keep yourself straight, breathe deeply in your nose and feel better, even now.

Everyone taking pills, rushing, looking for a miracle, but ignores the most basic condition. The Right Posture, almost a Living Condition! If you need some help, you can do better with exercises and a posture corrector back support!

Athletes, Olympians, celebrities and senior managers have all learned the principles of good posture.