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Written by: Akhilesh Dev | Posted: January 22, 2019 at 1:22 pm | Total Comments: 1

Once upon a time there were two good friends, Andrew and Peter.

They lived on the edge of the village, on the top of a large hill where they both had a large garden. The soil of their garden was very good, with all the seeds in it yielding abundant harvest. It was a very good thing, but it also had a huge disadvantage! The earth made no difference between good and bad seeds. The weeds grew just as beautifully as wheat and corn.

Peter was raised by his parents teaching so that if he had his own home and garden, he would always pay attention to what seeds would fall into the ground if he sees whether the weeds are starting to grow or the wind is blowing there bad seeds, then tear them out, don’t let them grow! His parents also taught him to go out to his garden every day, water the seeds and put out a scarecrow, that chase away the birds, who want to pick the seeds he sowed!

Many times a chariot went near their fence which was full of weeds and these weeds were scattering seeds that the wind was blowing right into their garden. Peter often warned Andrew, to look out over his garden and not let the weeds grow, especially not the pungent, poisonous shrubs. But Andrew ignored the warning. At first he was even pleased that his garden was green and he didn’t have to plant grass, bushes or trees.

The Chariot Man
He even made friends with the chariot man, who went to his garden more and more often and while they were drinking inside, the wind was blowing the weeds throughout the garden and soon it was barely possible to enter the yard.

Peter went over to Andrew until he could and tried to convince him to act before it’s too late, but Andrew always shook him off, either rude or benevolent, but he didn’t listen. Mostly he mocked and called Peter painstaking, a hoeing robot who lacks a wheel, he can’t lie calmly in the garden and he always bowing down to pick up the bad seeds and tear out the little weeds!

Summer came and in Peter’s garden huge fruits began to ripen on the tree, beautiful big melons curved on the ground and red pepper`s seedlings yielded abundant harvest! Andrew’s harvest was picked up by celestial birds, or so overgrown with weeds that they could not grow stronger and bring fruit instead it withered and withered.

In the evenings, Peter sat in the garden overlooking the beautiful lawn and explored the landscape from there, while Andrew saw less and less of the beauty of the landscape, because the bushes and weeds grew so big. Andrew was jealous for Peter and often complained to the chariot man about how lucky this Peter was to have the better land and his scarecrow take the birds to him.

A Happy End:
But to keep their story from having a sad end, let’s bring in a Happy End!

Since Andrew could barely move out of his house, that’s why he’s been surfing more and more on the Internet, until he found this caption in capitals on a website, which really cut him off:

No matter how proud he was, Andrew admitted that this was the truth. He called over Peter, apologized and asked him to help and tell him what to do to make his garden as beautiful as his own. The first thing he had to accept is that this decision does not change things and states immediately!

First you have to cut the weeds which is reaching to the skies, cut out the bulky nightshade bushes, even tear out by the roots! Only when the land is empty again we can plant good seeds and wait for them to grow. Of course, the weed is trying to hit its head over and over again, so we need to rip out new shoots every day. Good seeds should be protected from birds, watered and if the plant grows, it should be nurtured.

The second is to be aware of the laws of life! There is no crop without sowing! As you sow so shall you crop! The earth does not make a difference what you sow is going to produce! If you sow a good seed you crop a good harvest, if you get nightshade seeds and weed seeds in it, it will grow in it! There are no definitive solutions!

Just like showering every day, if we want to stay clean, we also have to take care of our garden every day, because the bad seeds will always be there and the weed always wants to grow! What we want to see it should be planted in our garden and wait for the results!

Only we can crop where and when we sow! Whoever does not sow will not crop! In life any results, success, won’t fall in your lap! Life is like a piggy bank, only what you put in you can take it out! So if you want to get something, then start sowing it! If you want to be loved, start loving, if you want to be surrounded by smiling people, start smiling.

Have a good time gardening and be grateful for everything that happened to you today! Sow into your health and take care of your garden which is your body to stay healthy!